What to do in Chiang Mai

what to do in Chiang Mai

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“What we were most interested in visiting Chiang Mai was trekking in the jungle. At this stage of our trip, around the sixth day, we had several temples in the curriculum. It war singing around a campfire, that gave the journey  another meaning. When we awoke up, on the day of leaving, the feeling that dominated was gratitude. These moments, by themselves, surpassed the best expectations for our trip. If you already know what to do in Chiang Mai but the time you have is a problem put a trekking in the top of your list.”

André Vaz

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What to do in Chiang Mai, main attractions:

Wat Phra Singh

Wat Phra Singh is a 14th century that stands out as one of the most beautiful in the old town of Chiang Mai. Also known as the temple of the Lion Buddha, Wat Phra Singh is among the most visited temples of the city both, by believers and tourists. In this religious complex the highlight is, in addition to the building itself, a beautiful Buddha image that you can find in Viharn Luang,

Wiang Kum Kam

Wiang Kum Kan is one of the oldest complexes you can see in Thailand. This ancient capital of the kingdom Haripunchai and Lanna was long forgotten, having been accidentally rediscovered just recently. Dating from the 13th century, this city, which preceded Chiang Mai as the capital of the Lana Kingdom, was abandoned due to a flood of the Ping river.

Karen Long Neck Tribe

you will find in this village, situated in the Mae Hong Son area, will be as we mentioned before, a village with many craft stalls, very similar to a market. However, the great highlight and what motivated the massive tourism was the tradition that involves women. From an early age, these are adding metal rings to their necks which makes them extremely long.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park has an area of ​​480 km2 and, beyond the natural beauty, many reasons of interest for the visitors. With the highest peak in Thailand ,with 2565 meters of altitude, the area is also inhabited by several tribes that still maintain ancestral lifestyles today.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Wat Phra Doi Suthep is one of the must-see places in Chiang Mai. One of the most sacred Buddhist temples in Thailand, this one, founded in the nineteenth century, has a mystique of its own and has become a unique pilgrimage destination

How to go to Chiang Mai:

The city has the “Chiang Mai Intenational Airport“, which operates several lowcost companies. You can also choose Chiang Mai as your point of entry or exit in Thailand.

The airport is close to the city center, just around 10 minutes by car.

Here are some examples, indicative of research done 3 months in advance, for the high season:

Bangkok – Chiang Mai: takes around 1.30h, for 1100 bath (30€ / $35), with Air asia;

Krabi – Chiang Mai: takes around 2 hours, for 1500 bath (40 € / $46), with Air asia;

Phuket – Chiang Mai: takes around 2h, for 1100 bath (30€ / $35) , with Air asia.

To check rates and book your flight, click here.

This was our exit option. A journey of about 13 hours on a sleeping train, from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. We paid about for 1500 bath (40 € / $46) but the experience was good. We ended up saving one night’s accommodation, as a flight would cost about the same as the train ticket.

There are at least 6 daily connections from and to Bangkok, between 6am and 9pm. In spite of the many connections, tickets are often sold out, so we recommend that you book in advance.

The train station is the “Chiang Mai Railway station” and it is located the east side of the city.

To avoid waiting lines and surprises book your train ticket by click here.

It was by bus that we arrived in Chiang Mai. Coming from Sukhothai, the journey took about 6 hours, two of them standing. Despite this, it was quiet and the scenery made up for the rest.

We arrived at the “Arcade Bus Station“, where the long-distance buses arrive. There are bus links to and from Bangkok between 6 am and 10 pm. Tickets cost around 550 bath ( 15€ / $17)  and the journey takes around 13 hours.

At Arcade Station you can take a local bus, a tuktuk or taxi to the city center.

If you want to go by bus to a place near Chiang Mai, the right station is the “ Chang Phuak Bus Station“, with connections to Chiang Rai, Mae and other destinations.

To avoid waiting lines and surprises book your train ticket by click here.

Knowing what to do in Chiang Mai and to get around in the city and outskirts you can take in the popular tuktuks, taxis and Uber. The latter is probably the right bet, without any detours or surprises. There are also several local buses operating in and out of town, ideal for those seeking a more genuine experience as well as spending as little money as possible.

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Note: Please remember that the schedule and prices are indicative only. And because they are subject to change, we recommend that you check and see if they remain.

Where to stay in Chiang Mai:

To stay we suggest the old town (Chiang Mai’s Old City). It is within the old city walls and is where most of the attractions are located.

Close to Temples, Markets and cheap lodgings, the area of Thapae Gate is the most popular. It has many options, for different budgets as well as good access. If You already what to do in Chiang Mai this area will show as an easy pick.

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Food in Chiang Mai

No doubt that when we think about what to do in Chiang Mai, food is one of the main things. The cooking in this city is crazy, with lots of variety of Thai and Western restaurants, in addition to the usual street food. You will not have any problem finding a good place to eat, regardless of your taste and budget.

Be sure to try Khao soi, a noodle soup with curry and coconut.

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