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Travel tips blog

This is where we share our adventures. We hope that in this travel tips blog You can, by the eyes of travelers like you, explore places, discover suggestions, tips and advices.

Find information regarding travel destinations, on transportation, accommodation, food, attractions and culture.

Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America. We hope, slowly, to cover all these areas.

Travel destinations

  • things to do in maputo and travel tips

    Things to do in Maputo, itinerary and travel tips

    The Mozambican capital, bathed by the Indian, is a city that mixes the frenzy of the great metropolises, magnificent landscapes and the joy of a welcoming people. Having varied points of interest, we will suggest the best things to do in Maputo, which you can not fail to see and visit.

  • Bangkok tailândia cc florian wehde

    What to do in Bangkok

    Find tips and suggestions to visit Bangkok. A city that is always on the move, with a unique cultural identity and full of surprises. With dozens of temples and thousands of street food stalls, you will not be able to stop, except for an invigorating massage.

  • relax bay beach

    The Best 6 – Koh Lanta Top Beaches

    Koh Lanta top beaches are  undoubtedly some of the best in Thailand. Despite the subjectivity related to natural beauty, the beaches of this island are highlighted when we consider tranquility and the exclusivity of this less crowded places. With this evaluation, which will always have [...]

Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, a real “Water World”

Tonle Sap Lake, in Cambodia, is the largest freshwater lake in southwest Asia, with an area of ​​2700 km2, is an absolutely surreal place. It seems to have come straight out of a movie from another era. Or rather, when we get there, it looks like we got into a movie. This seasonally flooded lake is connected to the Sangker River and the Tonle Sap River, which changes direction throughout the year.

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