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The Mozambican capital, a city bathed by the Indian ocean, mixes the frenzy of the great metropoles, magnificent landscapes and the joy of a welcoming people. Having varied points of interest, we have come here to suggest the top things to do in Maputo, which you can not fail to see and visit in this city full of charms.

Designed with the lines of Portuguese architecture, exploring it to discover its treasures can be done by walking or biking. This last option may even be the ideal way to explore the capital’s downtown, pass by the old fort, visit Feima, a local market, or go through Costa do Sol as you enjoy a beautiful evening, among many other things within easy reach by bike. The city is not too complex. It’s quite simple to navigate. It is easy to move around and from one to another point of interest. In the context of large African cities it can also be said to be quite safe as long as we have the basic precautions that common sense dictates. With all this in mind, our suggestion for those visiting is to discover -Maputo with freely and at the desired pace.

baia de maputo

A list of things to do in Maputo could not leave out the wonders of local gastronomy and some relatively close, absolutely must-see atractions, such as Inhaca Island and Ponta do Ouro beaches. As well as the Maputo Special Reserve or Kruger Park, to witness in the first person the African savannah. This are just a few, among many other dream places.

maputo special reserve leão

Top things to do in Maputo

When to go to Maputo

The best time to visit a place always depends on what we have as a priority. If it’s the weather, then the right time to go is from May to early October. Given the country’s tropical climate, dry weather and mild temperatures at this time of year, there are great conditions for exploring the wonders of the city and its surroundings.

The rainy season in Mozambique runs from October to April and is most severe in high areas where flooding and severe flooding can occur.

Where to stay in Maputo

Accommodation in Maputo is not cheap at all but there are several factors to consider before deciding where to stay.

We must first of all think about the proximity to the points we want to visit. Opting for cheaper but farther accommodation does not always mean saving. We must count the money we will have to spend on transport to visit each place in the city.

With that in mind, looking for options in the Polana Cimento area, starting at R $ 64 (14 €) or Sommerchield, starting at R $ 166 (38 €), will be wise. Apart from their proximity to Maputo’s main attractions, they are known as relatively safe tourist areas.


Polana Cimento



How to go to Maputo

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