Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, a real “Water World”

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Tonle Sap Lake, in Cambodia, is the largest freshwater lake in southwest Asia, with an area of ​​2700 km2, is an absolutely surreal place. It seems to have come straight out of a movie from another era. Or rather, when we get there, it looks like we got into a movie. This seasonally flooded lake is connected to the Sangker River and the Tonle Sap River, which changes direction throughout the year.

Things to do in Maputo, itinerary and travel tips

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The Mozambican capital, bathed by the Indian, is a city that mixes the frenzy of the great metropolises, magnificent landscapes and the joy of a welcoming people. Having varied points of interest, we will suggest the best things to do in Maputo, which you can not fail to see and visit.

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