Visinting a Sea Gypsy village may be another reason to go South-east of Koh Lanta. This people with a unique lifestyle, centered on the sea, is believed to have been the first to inhabit the island, despite its predominantly nomadic culture. Their villages are characterized by houses that, supported by stakes, lay over the sea, guarded by fishing boats.

sea gipsy village koh lanta

Going these villages is worth not only for the place itself, for the possibility of witnessing a unique and ancestral way of life, but also for the way there. In between the ups and downs you will find some restaurants hanging on the slopes of the island, with breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding islands. We stoped at Sang Ga or WiewPoint to have a drink and relax a bit.

sea gipsy village koh lanta

Take advantage of the proximity in the day you visit Old Town and make this little detour to explore the most genuine side of the island. It should be noted a sea gypsy village is not a tourist attraction and that our passage should be respectful, discreet and never intrusive.

Location and how to get to a sea gypsy village:

From the Old Town just follow the road leading south, with your eyes on the left side. After about 7 kms you will find the access to the village.

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