Koh Lanta top beaches are  undoubtedly some of the best in Thailand. Despite the subjectivity related to natural beauty, the beaches of this island are highlighted when we consider tranquility and the exclusivity of this less crowded places.

With this evaluation, which will always have a personal character and with which there will be those who do not agree, we have tried to evaluate each beach according to some attributes. The water, the location, accessibility, exclusivity or privacy and, finally, the offer of restaurants and bars. Each person will give more or less importance to each of the aspects but here, our goal is to convey what the beach has to offer.

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Kantyang Bay ko lanta

long beach ko lanta

relax bay beach

Bamboo Beach koh lanta

Klong_khong_beach Lamacchiacosta web

Not Amongst Koh Lanta Top Beaches but still good

Khlong Nin beach

It is located in the center of the island and has a long stretch of sand. It is great for diving, despite having some rocks. It is also relatively uncrowded and you can have a quiet and relaxed beach day.

Nui Beach

This beach, one of the two beaches of Koh Lanta with this name, is immediately south of Klong Nin Beach. It is a small beach, with a relatively more complicated access, ideal if you are searching for a private place.

Klong Jark Beach

North of Bamboo beach,  You’ll find Khlong Jark Beach, a smaller version of the first. This beach is part of the set of options for those who seek the quiet and escape the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

Klong Dao Beach

Khlong Dao Beach is a beach in the north of the island, the closest to Saladan Pier. Despite having the same look of other beaches in Koh Lanta, the fact that there are some excess of resorts and people makes it less attractive, from our point of view.