Mu Kon Lanta National Park is a marine park that includes some islands and the Koh Lanta National Park, where it is headquartered. In addition to the Koh Lanta park, where the trails and caves stand out, the islands Ko Rok, Ko Rok Noi, Ko Gnai and Ko Kradan are also part of the protected area, and are closed from May to October.

Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Mu ko Rok, an archipelago that lies 26km south of Koh Lanta Yai, is probably the biggest attraction in the park. Here you can see the two islands, Ko Rok and Ko Rok Nok, with transparent waters and fine sand, where the corals abound. This place is ideal for snorkeling. These two islands are so close that it is possible to go from one to another just swimming. The 250 meters that separate them are not an obstacle for some swimmers who venture in this crossing. Here we advise caution, especially for tourists, to take into account if they are physically fit  and the currents, before venturing.

Koh Gnai is another interesting place to visit in Mu Koh Lanta National Park. Standing 11km from Koh Lanta Yai, this small island is characterized by  having no roads. Here, going from point A to point B means walking. However, despite this, there are some resorts, maybe even too many, for a place with such beautiful beaches and a perfect sea for snorkeling.

Mu Ko Lanta National Park entrance fee

To visit the park, if we do not choose a tour that includes everything, Mu ko Lanta National Park Entrance fee is 200 baths (6€) for foreign adults and half of that for their children.

Mu Ko Lanta Tours

There are several options and you can just bargain a price in one of  the points of sale that you find everywhere. If you prefer to take care of things head, avoinding surprises, check the tours available in Getyourguide and, if eventually you decide to book it through this link, you’ll be helping Backpacker Bay without paying more for that.

How to get to Mu Ko Lanta National Park

The distance between Koh Lanta and the many islands varies and the best way to go is to take a tour that includes several points of interest.  The Location below is to the park headquarters, Koh Lanta National Park.

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