Koh Lanta Old Town is a singular village that is worth a visit during your stay in Koh Lanta. Ideally, you should visit it in the late afternoon and stay for dinner in one of the many restaurants facing the sea. The wiew over the ocean is amazing, with some islands on the horizon. Characterized by the old wooden houses, the Old Town began as a sea gypsy village, having been converted to the commerce, now more related to tourism.

koh lanta old town

However, today it remains a predominantly fishing village, where the influence of chinese culture is visible, in a context with a great affinity with the imaginary of other times, perhaps with the scenery of an Eastern western. On top of all this, the path to the Old Town is also worth by itself, allowing you to get to know the interior of the island. The ideal will be to make it with a scooter so you can stop whenever you feel like it.

Location and how to get to Koh Lanta Old Town:

Coming from the north of the island, simply follow the main road in Koh Lanta (No. 4254). This will take a left turn, just before Khlong Nim Beach, and then right, leading you to the other side of the island. Then just go south, always on the same road, and you’ll reach Old Town.

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