Our mission is to help travelers like us by preparing fundamental and useful information for their travels.

Our wish is that this may be a space of sharing. That whoever enters easily find what is looking for and do not get lost in texts that are too long. We want to be guide those preparation the next trip but also a guide for who is already traveling and looking for information easy and quick to find.

Our destinations are prepared by travelers who choose to do backpacking, in search of real contact with countries and peoples. For each destination we work practical and useful information, with a brief personal look of the author, about the place.

  • Accommodation

  • Attractions

  • Schedules and opening hours

  • Prices and entrance fees

  • Locations

  • Food

  • Local culture



Our authors are people who travel, trying to know and understand each place and each people.
Traveling more or less time each year, they have in common this passion for discovery, difference and adventure, because that is what defines this space and Backpacker Bay.

André Vaz

André Vaz

Autor & Fundador

Thailandi, India, Indonesia…

Daniela Cardoso


Mozambique, Turkey, Iceland ….

alexandre cardoso

Alexandre Cardoso


Angola, Philippines, São Tomé …

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Traveling more or less time, if you have a passion for discovery, difference, for adventure and sharing, here you have a place to share your experiences.