Shri Kashi Mandir, also known as Birla temple, is one of Varanasi’s main attractions. The temple was built in 1965 by Raja Birla, a large Indian industrialist. The temple came to be recognized by the name of the man who was in its origin.

The Birla Temple is part of the Varanasi University Campus (BHU) and entry is permitted for any type of person, regardless of caste.

Entrada do Birla Temple e o nosso Guia Monu Sahani

This shrine stands out for its marble construction and the tallest tower of all Indian temples. Dedicated to Shiva, this temple is one of Varanasi’s most visited sites, both by believers and tourists.

In addition, inside, where photography is not allowed, we can find a setting that makes it a peculiar place. On the ground floor, the temple includes a small altar with the figure of a snake. This statue, with a phallic symbolism, is an object of worship before which women ask and pray for the virility of their husbands or lovers. On the way out we can still find the statue of a cow, to which the believers go to secrete, in the ears, wishes and prayers.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Shri Kashi Mandir entrance fee

A entrada no Birla Temple é gratuita.


The temple can be visited between 4 am and noon and between 1 pm and 7 pm.

Location of Birla Temple and how to get there

Birla temple is located on Varanasi University Campus (BHU), 7 kms from Cantt. Railway Station

If we choose to go by taxi, starting from the Varanasi Ghats (Assi Ghat), it is 5 kms away and the trip takes about 10 minutes. As for the price, we can expect an approximate cost of 150 rupees ($2,10 / 1,9 €).